I'm moving to Central City. What do I need to know?

Moving to Central City?The City provides all utilities, including water, sewer, natural gas and electricity.  We also bill for the private garbage contractor.  Please stop by City Hall at 1515 17th Street to sign up for utility service.

Telephone service is provided by Qwest and can be contacted at 800-475-7526.

Cable television is provided by Cable Nebraska and can be contacted at (308) 946-9832.

We have 2 school systems in Central City.  Central City Public Schools includes a Grade School  (K-4), Middle School (5-8) and High School (9-12).

Nebraska Christian also provides K-12 education in a campus just outside the City Limits.

The Merrick County Courthouse is one block south of City Hall and is the location for drivers licenses, car licensing, property tax services, Sheriff's Office, Extension Office and other services.

The Republican-Nonpareil provides a weekly newspaper either by subscription or at a wide range of outlets around the community.  They can be reached at 308-946-3081.

There are 3 realtors with physical offices in Central City.  These include in alphabetical order:

Catlett Real Estate

Central Realty, Inc.

Ross Realty, Inc.

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Why I Love Central City!
"Central City is a very nice town.  There are very special people like you.  It is very beautiful watching the stars.  I like the DQ.  Ice cream is not very healthy but it is very good for your tonsils."
—Alyssa R., 2nd Grade